DeluxeFTP 6.0

DeluxeFTP is a free FTP client application for MS Windows based network systems
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DeluxeFTP is a free FTP client application for Microsoft Windows based network systems.
As usual, the program presents two different windows or desktop areas, where the left one shows the user local PC directories, and the right one shows the remote FTP server structure.

The application performs multithread transfers and can transfer whole folders. User interface is similar to MS IExplorer to make the operations easier. It also includes a site manager, custom FTP commands for command line operation, and also proxy support.

Another feature included is the drag and drop capability, to make the files and folders transfers easier. When the application detects a broken or interrupted transfer (download or upload) it performs an automatic retry to resume the ongoing transfer.

Files and folders at both sides of the connection (local and remote) can be renamed, deleted or moved, as they all were at the user PC directories, and also offers the capability of creating new folders at any end of the link. The user can select the transfer mode: Automatic, ASCII or Binary modes.

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  • Very small application with all the features for the FTP client tasks


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